Why me?

If you use me, not only will you be given a fixed fee but you will also be buying a bespoke personal service. I will give you tailored advice about the process and about how you should plead. I will be frank with you about your chances and, if the better option is to plead guilty, I can appear in court with you and mitigate on your behalf, to get the most favourable result. If you have a realistic prospect of defending the charge against you then I will represent you at trial. I will not instruct another barrister – you will deal with me from start to finish.

Our Approach

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More about me

Having been a lawyer with the CPS for twenty years, and one of the first CPS Crown Advocates, I have dealt with a wide range of cases including dishonesty, violence, racially aggravated offences, public order and sexual offences. This work involved case review, charging decisions and advocacy. It required frequently being instructed at short notice and assimilating information under pressure. In preliminary hearings, this would regularly entail preparing twenty or more cases (including overnighters) without notice and assessing the progress and next steps in each. During that time, I was also the CPS First Division Union representative and was elected as National Convenor – the highest possible Union position. Through this work I gained considerable employment law exprerience leading to my appointment as a member of the Employment Tribunal in 2010. After leaving the CPS I took a sabbatical to spend more time with my family, but missed the cut and thrust of advocacy and therefore switched profession to become a barrister and specialise in advocacy. With considerable experience of criminal law, I now specialise in criminal advocacy for both prosecution and defence, in particular motoring law.

Our Story


I qualified as a solicitor back in 1992 but, having switched professions, I now practise as a barrister. I have over 25 years’ experience in criminal law both prosecuting and defending in the Magistrates' and Crown Courts. Therefore, I can give you expert legal advice.

Since January 2019 I've being accredited by the Bar Standards Board the license to represent clients at Police Stations.

Journal articles

A story of triumph over adversity warms the heart and Ann Crighton’s is no exception. Her first experience of the law, after leaving school aged 16, was in a typing pool at the Treasury Solicitor’s Department (now the Government Legal Department). ‘It was so boring that it should have put me off the law for life,’ she says. But undeterred, she was to progress to legal secretary, legal executive, solicitor and, latterly, barrister. ‘It was tough juggling all that with being a single mother,’ she recalls. ‘Working by day and studying at night isn’t a career path I’d recommend to anyone.’

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Shocking misuse of police time

We are all familiar by now with stories of thefts from shops, burglaries and even street crime which the police fail to follow up. Only 7.8% of all crimes reported to police result in a charge or summons. 7.8%! Roughly half what it was less than a decade ago. Why? According to the Ann Crighton, the answer is: Money.

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FREE Honest Legal Advice

Ann Crighton is a ‘self-employed Uber type’ barrister. Listen to her chat with Andrew Gray.

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