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Guide to Fees for Magistrates' Court Cases





Price for 1 minute

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Application/Plea &

Case Management hearing


First appearance &

not guilty plea


Guilty plea &



Special Reasons/Exceptional Hardship hearings


Estimates of length of trials are decided by the court, which considers the number of prosecution and defence witnesses.

If you are found not guilty then I will seek (and am likely to be granted) a Defendant's Costs Order which means that some (but not all) of the legal costs you have incurred will be refunded.

* Fees quoted here will increase if expert witnesses are involved.





Price for 1 minute

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Driving whilst using phone

S172 trials


Trials estimated to last half day


Traffic trials

estimated to last whole day


Crown Court / Tfl Appeals


It is best to contact me as soon as you become aware of proceedings against you, even if the court date is months away. However, I may still be able to assist if your case is due in court tomorrow, phone me and let me see if I can help you.